Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Back to the Future

At Future Music Festival 2011, Pendulm gave headliners the Chemical Brothers a run for their money, pulling crowds at every stop. This time, it was Skrillex’s turn, with a show stopping sets that had crowds flocking out of VIP to party on the green.  
New order started the night with three consecutive tunes of absolute bliss: the emotive 1963, the 80’s electro infused and classic Bizarre Love Triangle and the moving True Faith . These lyrics tinged with emotion and with the lush heart filled melodies that were uplifting! There light show was simple, but overwhelmingly effective, and it only added to the warmth of the crowd, I stood middle centre with enough room for me to dance my heart out but crowded enough for me to shed a tear and have no one notice.

Check out my favourite song by New order ‘Temptation’ on youtube a well chosen song for the end to a truly magical day.

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